Procedure To Become A Member In OTA Alumini Association Chennai And To Visit The Alumni Website.

An Imperative for all those who passed out of OTS/OTA...EC/SS/Tech/Ladies, et al.

  1. Go to
  2. If you are not yet a member, download the application form from the site, fill up and provide the details as required.
  3. You will receive a membership number from the association, by email.
  4. On receipt of the membership number, go to the site again and hit the “Register” button. Those who have the membership number, register straightaway.
  5. Once this is done, in about 48 hrs, you will receive the authorisation to set your password from the webmaster, NOT from the association.
  6. Once you have the Membership Number and the Password, you are set to go.
  7. Log into the site with the password frequently and look for information as updated on the site.
  8. Inform your OTS/OTA friends circle to become members, post haste, as regular happenings are going on at the association and you would not want to be left out.
  9. Ask your, such friends to inform their circle for similar action.
  10. Inform the association of anything valuable as also seek information, if any, from the association.

Note: Contact persons – Brig K.Sampath, SECY OTAAA or Brig APS Pakianathan VSM** at


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