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E-x Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) was instituted as a health care measure for our Veterans in 2003. Some recent initiatives to bolster this service are listed below :-

  • Expansion of ECHS. 161 out of 199 newly sanctioned Polyclinics have been made functional. 15 new Regional Centres have also been sanctioned and operationalised.
  • Authorisation of Additional Contractual Staff in ECHS Polyclinics. Due to critical deficiencies experienced in authorisation of contractual staff to ECHS Polyclinics, a case was taken up to revise the authorisation, on the lines of the staffing norms approved for Central Govt Health Scheme (CGHS). The Govt has sanctioned 1709 additional contractual staff to ECHS Polyclinics.
  • Increase in Financial Powers for Hiring of Accommodation. In view of the increase in rental values, financial powers of various CFAs for hiring of buildings for use as ECHS Polyclinics needed enhancement. Accordingly, financial powers for hiring were enhanced for Station Cdrs from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh in Aug 2013. Sanction has also been accorded for extension of time limit for hiring buildings for ECHS Polyclinics up to 2016.
  • Increase in Financial Powers of Competent Financial Authority (CFAs) for Sanctioning ‘On-line’ Billing. ‘On-line’ billing has commenced at 10 Regional Centres, thus enabling expeditious processing and clearance of hospital bills. For early finalisation and payment of bills, the financial powers of CFAs were enhanced. ‘In-principle’ approval of the Deptt of ESW has been accorded for extending ‘on-line’ billing facilities to the remaining 18 regional entres.
  • Acquisition of Land/Construction of Polyclinics. Polyclinic buildings have been constructed at 134 of the 383 functional Polyclinics and construction is in progress at 28 locations. Land has been acquired at 203 locations, including the above 134 locations and action is underway to construct buildings at the remaining locations at the earliest.
  • Extension of ECHS Benefits to World War II (WW-II) Veterans. Presently most of the World War-II Veterans and their dependents do not qualify for the ECHS. A case has now been taken up with MoD to extend ECHS facilities to all the World War-II veterans and their dependents.


  • At the initiative of the COAS, the Chhattisgarh State Govt has agreed to employ retired officers including SSCOs/JCOs/NCOs.
  • These personnel will be employed on a contractual basis, as instructors in Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorism (CIAT) training establishments and in Chhattisgarh Armed Force (CAF) Battalions deployed in LWE infested areas, in
  • These personnel will be employed on a contractual basis, as instructors in Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorism (CIAT) training establishments and in Chhattisgarh Armed Force (CAF) Battalions deployed in LWE infested areas, in the appointments of Commandants, Deputy Commandants, Assistant Commandants, JCOs and NCOs.
  • Pursuant to discussion by the COAS with the State Govt, the earlier package offered by the State Govt has been enhanced considerably as under :-
  • The initial contract will now be for 3 years.
  • Contractual pay offered is upto Rs 85,000 (for a Comdt), with an annual increment of 3%.
  • Pay will be in addition to pension being drawn by retired personnel.
  • Personnel will now be eligible for death/disability benefits, risk allowances, retiring gratuity, TA/DA, HRA, LTC and other entitlements as authorised to Chhattisgarh Police/CAPF.
  • The State Govt is also considering absorbing SSCOs into Chhattisgarh Police after a specified period of service and subject to meeting the QR laid down by the Chhattisgarh Police.
  • While selecting personnel, preference will be given to combat experience in CI/CT areas and gallantry award winners. Detailed instructions on vacancies, tenanting, QR and manner of employment are being issued by AG/PS-2 Directorate separately.



The Indian Army is committed to the well being of Veterans, Widows and their dependents. Delivering care and compassion to the retired fraternity is an important area of focus in the Army.Establishment of the Veterans Cell at the Army Headquarters has facilitated the redressal of grievances of our Veterans. However, with a view to provide an automated platform for redressal of grievances and improve satisfaction levels, an internet based portal to redress the grievances was conceived.
Consequently, the Army Veterans Grievance Handling Portal was launched by the COAS on 05 Jun 14. This portal provides a unique platform to upload grievances and allows the Veterans to be in direct contact with the concerned respondent (s). The Veterans can register from any of the ESM Cells and, thereafter, use the electronically generated user IDs and passwords to follow up their complaints from any internet portal.
Besides being bi-lingual, the portal provides access to Policy Letters, Form Downloads, related web links and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist veterans in the preparation of complaints / petitions. News items and publications of interest to the Veterans can also be viewed.

In case of any query, the System Manager at Veterans Cell can be contacted at 1800116644or at


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