Friday , September 24 2021


SS-11 and Tech-3 courses completed 50 years of commissioning on 22 Aug 2021. As the prevalent pandemic precluded any central grand celebrations at the OTA, the veterans celebrated the event at various locations.

Setting the Ball rolling, Maj Gen U M Maindarkar and Lt Col Rajendra Singh, SM paid homage to their fallen “ Comrades in Arms” by laying wreaths at the Armoured Corps Memorial at Ahmednagar on 21 Aug 2021.

Col M S Chauhan, Vr C, SM, laid a wreath at the “Smriti Sthal” at Haldwani on 22 Aug 2021. Col Chauhan also organised and conducted the planting of 50 Amaltash ( Cassia Fistula Linn ) saplings at the ECHS complex at Haldwani.

On 23 Aug 2021 four coursemates laid wreaths at the Raj Rif memorial at Delhi Cantt to pay their respects.

To commemorate the event, veterans in the Tricity met for a Get-together and Lunch at the DSOI, Chandigarh on 22 Aug 2021.

All the veterans now keenly look forward to the time when they can get together at their Alma mater for a Reunion.